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In accordance with the regulations of the DSGVO, your consent is required for us to store cookies on your browser in order to carry out the desired action. Cookies are small packets of data that we use to provide the actually stateless http protocol with a state so that you can log in, for example. This also enables us to prevent (for your protection) that form entries (in your name) can be triggered by third parties (attackers). If you do not agree to cookies, you can still browse Physics in Advent, but you will not be able to participate. For example, you cannot create an account or log in. The permission to save cookies is given in the browser (on your device) and has nothing to do with your account. For example, you have to agree to cookies on several devices, but you can use the same account all the time. You only have to create the account once.

This page is accessed without setting a cookie, and existing cookies are even explicitly deleted. This also applies to any previously given consent to the use of cookies. The cookies set by the application have a lifetime of 90 days, so that you do not have to log in every day. You should only use this feature if nobody else has access to your browser settings, otherwise always log out! Further details on data processing at Physik im Advent are available at Privacy.

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